“The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change”
by Andrew Monaghan

‘In this lucid and important book, Andrew Monaghan argues that the West’s capacity to understand Russia has been gravely run down. When Russia started reasserting itself in uncomfortable ways, we seized on Putin’s personal role as an over-simple explanation. Our response has inevitably been overexcited and muddled.’
Sir Rodric Braithwaite, British Ambassador to the USSR/Russia 1988-92

‘After years of less than benign neglect, this study places the “Russian question” front and center as substantively and objectively as possible. A must read for those interested in foreign policy, experts and laymen alike, but especially for junior and senior policy-makers.’ – David Glantz, Chief Editor, Journal of Slavic Military Studies

‘A timely and sober corrective to the often ill-informed and contradictory analyses of Russia that are dominant today. This book cuts through hysteria and conventional wisdom, and is essential reading for those seeking to understand the challenges of dealing with Russia. ‘ – Richard Connolly, Co-Director, Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies, University of Birmingham

‘Finally, the debate has been taken beyond a polarised discussion of the reasons behind the deterioration in Russia-Western relations. Monaghan gets to the heart of the most complex questions as to why many Western policymakers have struggled to understand Russia’s actions and do more than simply react. A must-read for Western decision-makers’. – Sarah Lain, Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute, London

‘Those with an existing interest in Russia should read this book. Those without an existing interest-even more so: you have found the place to start. Dr. Monaghan’s excellent book is lucid, accessible and could not have come at a better time.’ – Megan Edwards, Defence Specialist, Defence Select Committee, House of Commons

From the conflict in Syria to the crisis in Ukraine, Russia continues to dominate the headlines. Yet the political realities of contemporary Russia are poorly understood by Western observers and policy-makers. In this highly engaging book, Andrew Monaghan explains why we tend to misunderstand Russia – and the importance of ‘getting Russia right’. Exploring in detail the relationship between the West and Russia, he charts the development of relations and investigates the causes of the increasingly obvious sense of strategic dissonance. He also considers the evolution in Russian domestic politics, introducing influential current figures and those who are forming the leadership and opposition of the future. By delving into the depths of difficult questions such as the causes of the Ukraine crisis or the political protests surrounding the 2011-12 elections, the book offers a dynamic model for understanding this most fascinating and elusive of countries.


andrewmonaghan2013 bwDr. Andrew Monaghan is a researcher in Russian politics.

Based in London, he is a Senior Research Fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, a Visiting Fellow in the Changing Character of War programme, Pembroke College, Oxford and an Academic Visitor at St Antony’s College, Oxford.