Andrew Monaghan bw

Dr. Andrew Monaghan is a researcher and analyst in the field of international politics. He is a Russianist in the area studies style, with a preference for old-fashioned Kremlinology. His particular interests are Russian domestic politics, strategy and biography.

A Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House, he is also a Visiting Fellow at the Changing Character of War Programme at Pembroke College, Oxford and an Academic Visitor at St Antony’s College, Oxford. NATO, the Defence Academy of the UK and King’s College, London have all employed him at different times over the last decade. He founded the Russia Research Network in 2006, and continues as its Director.

NATO and the EU have published his research and writing, as have many prominent international think tanks and academic journals, most recently Carnegie Europe, Chatham House and International Affairs, and other periodicals such as the Times Literary Supplement. He is a regular speaker at international conferences.

He began his education as an historian at the University of Edinburgh, before graduating from the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London, first from the MA programme with Distinction and the Simon O’Dwyer Russell prize in 2001, and then with a PhD in 2005.

He lives in London and regularly travels to Russia.

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